Program booklet info needed by Monday, 8/1

We need some information for the end of summer program booklet.

DEADLINE: Monday, August 1 @ 4 pm (This is a “drop dead date” deadline.)

  • After logging in using the INTERN INFO menu option, please verify that we have the correct information for your name, your school and your mentor. Change the information as necessary; otherwise, make no changes.
  • This is going to be public document. Check with your mentor to make sure your title is in good shape; viz., proofread, complete, accurate, and not a label.
  • You may update this title as needed until my final print deadline (Monday, August 1 @ 4pm).

Second Draft of General Audience Abstract due THURSDAY, JULY 21

The second draft of your Abstract for a General Audience is due Thursday, July 21.

Be sure to make a "Writing Conference" appointment FIRST before emailing the abstract.  Log in using the INTERN INFO menu option.

Include the DAY of your appointment on the FIRST line of your abstract before your title line so that I can have your abstract read in time for your appointment followed by the name of the department you are a part of from one of these four choices: (1) Physics, (2) Chemistry, NSLS-II, CFN (3) Biology/Environmental, or (4) Engineering/Other.
NOTE: These four areas are slightly different from the original four mentioned in the presentations. Your abstract/project should be labeled appropriately. In addition, projects considered as part of the "NSLS II/CFN" category must be scientific work done at NSLS II or CFN; projects that involve engineering-based work at these facilities should be categorized under "Engineering/Other."

ATTACH the abstract as an MS Word compatible document to an e-mail and send it to ONLY with this subject: Abstract, Second Draft.

For more info on completing the abstract, see General Audience Abstract suggestions.

Brookhaven Lab Science Communication Workshop for Summer Students

Brookhaven Lab Science Communication Workshop for Summer Students

Brookhaven Lab’s Media & Communication Office will be offering a Science Communication Workshop for summer students on Thursday, July 28. You’ll come away from these sessions with tools to help you describe your research to family members, fellow students, future funders, and the media.

WHEN: Thursday, July 28th, 10 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.

PLUS choice of two afternoon hands-on sessions (registration required)


WHERE: Brookhaven Lab Berkner Hall Room B

Optional suggestion: Prior to the workshop you might want to think about some ways to describe your research to someone who knows nothing about it. Bring your ideas or jotted notes and we’ll help you expand on those ideas at the session!ng>

Click for more information.

Weekly Safety Tip
Using the Right Tool for the Job

Injuries are more likely when the wrong tool is used or the right tool is used improperly.
  • Use the right tool properly.
  • Tools should be properly maintained.
  • Tools should not be abused.

Welcome to the BNL OEP Writing Center for all Summer 2016 interns.

This site features information and suggestions to help you with the OEP and DOE obligations that are a part of your BNL internship. This main page will also provide up-to-date information on the various deadlines that will help all of us manage the summer's work.

  • Weekly reports
    • Each week you are required to submit a brief report of your week's activities. You should file this report online here at prior to picking up your stipend. Mel and Noel will also consult your reports to get a general sense of the summer's research activities as well as how and what you are doing at BNL.

  • Intern Info, etc.
    • This menu choice also allows you to update information we use to contact you or other information we may require.

  • OEP & DOE Deliverables
    • Detailed information on each program's BNL or DOE requirements is provided here.
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